Spotlight on WedTexts: When Guests Need to Know What’s Next


I had the pleasure of speaking with Caleb, co-founder of WedTexts, and was really impressed with the wedding app aimed at making wedding planning a breeze. With just a few characters and a push of the send button, your wedding guests can be updated on changes ranging from a flooded venue to the loss of an important item.

I personally have been the guest who has made a wrong turn (or two) and is no longer able to find the venue. With WedTexts, couples can send advanced notice to their family and friends detailing important information while cutting down on much frustration.

Brides & Beaus Wedding Expo

With our upcoming Brides & Beaus Wedding Expo on the way and a bride renewing her vows, we’ll be able to see first hand how awesome WedTexts is. I can’t wait to use the feature that allows me to set up text messages in advance. There will definitely be a lot of communication taking place over the next couple of weeks, and who wants to send emails that may get over looked or go straight to the junk mail folder. Not me.

With the bliss and stress that goes along with planning a wedding, who wouldn’t want a tool that’s aimed at making her wedding experience easier? With WedTexts, a more organized wedding is right around the corner. I’m happy to announce that WedTexts will be one of the giveaway sponsors for our show. The first 50 brides or grooms will receive an account with WedTexts! So after you’ve come to the show and had a chance to try WedTexts for yourself, be sure to let us know how great it worked for you. And, while our Outré Bride and we use the app for ourselves, we’ll be sure to keep you informed on just how great it works.

See WedTexts in Action

Read for yourself how WedTexts has helped other brides far beyond what they would have expected during their planning and on their special day.

The Story of the Flood and The Story of the Missing Heirloom

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