Beautiful Backyard Bliss: Zach & Meredith

Couple Story: Zach & Meredith

  1. Tell me about the planning process of your wedding (i.e. how did you pick the venue, colors, what was unique/special, ect.).

    We considered many different venues in our home state of NC, but all of our initial choices seemed to be lacking something sentimental. The answer was probably staring us right in the face the whole time, and when Zach’s parents offered their backyard as a location, it immediately felt right for the kind of gathering we imagined. The natural setting was just what we wanted and so many beloved family and friends put in countless long days to get the venue ready. When the day arrived, it was absolutely perfect – everything we could have imagined!

    We didn’t have any set colors or themes, we mostly just tried to pick items that seemed beautiful – things that we liked or had some special meaning to us.

  2. Envisioning the the flow and structure of the ceremony seemed very difficult at first. We knew how we wanted it to feel, but it was hard to think in the kind of voice that the event seemed to deserve.

    Thankfully, we had one incredible helper – the incomparable Reverend Wilma Reichard, who just happened to be our officiant (and the same person who married Zach’s parents). In the end, we provided themes and wrote our promises and vows(maybe even the night before over room service), but it was Wilma’s gift of language and understanding of the moment that really allowed the sentiment of the day to shine through.

  3. There are so, so many indelible memories to choose from, but getting ready together, just the two of us was so special.

    Besides that, the way that our two families came together to get the house and the yard ready in the days and hours before the wedding was incredibly touching. The entire event was truly a labor of love and we are forever grateful to all those who made it happen.

  4. Meredith’s car (our getaway vehicle) had a dead battery! Thankfully, many of our dear friends were still at the party to help us push it out of the neighbor’s driveway and to a safe place on the street. Sarah (Meredith’s sister) did the honor of steering.
  5. Not a thing.
  6. It’s all going to turn out exactly the way it is supposed to turn out.

    Our wedding day had a zero percent chance of rain. Zero. And yet, about 30 minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to begin, dark clouds began to roll in. A few minutes before the appointed start time, a minor downpour. Uncles and dads went racing into the backyard to put plastic over the tables. With everyone huddled downstairs, Meredith and I stayed upstairs (with some calming influence from Maybn and Daniel) and waited out the rain.

    The rain stopped and the guests took their seats, but a few drops were falling even as we walked down the aisle together and took our places. But then, the clouds parted as we delivered our vows and it turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous night! In hindsight, we would not have had it any other way.



Photographer:  Mabyn Ludke Photography//Bakery: Maxie B’s Bakery//Caterer: Reto’s Gourmet Catering//Musicians: Tim White Music//

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