Boho Vineyard Wedding at Riverwood Winery: Mickey & Brittain

Couple: Mickey & Brittain

Mickey & Brittain’s wedding was un-ordinarily gorgeous with their touch of a dinosaur theme, smoke bombs, and Roxy their dog. Here is a bit from Brittain the Bride on their day- We got Roxy in 2010 from the humane society in Springfield, MO. She was a year and a half when we got her and they said she had been in the shelter for quite a while. She’s part coonhound and part german shephard. We didn’t really plan to get a dog the day we went to the shelter, we had looked at a few other dogs when we were there, and we did one last sweep of the shelter. We got to her crate and she stood up on her back legs and looked at us soulfully. So we adopted her and she came home with us a few days later.

For the wedding Mickey walked down the aisle with Roxy to an acoustic version of Who Let the Dogs Out. Mickey held onto her as I walked down the aisle so I could see both of them. Part way through the ceremony she laid down in the grass and just watched. She is really great at taking pictures so we made sure to get plenty with her. I also had a friend make her a custom purple flower to put on her collar.

The Preparations

The Union

The Details

The Celebration


Photographer:  Husband & Wife Photography // Floral Designer: The Village Gardens // Hair Stylist:Traci Morby Styling // Event Venue: Riverwood Winery//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights