Colorful Boho Desert Wedding: Billy & Jessie

Couple: Billy & Jessie

Let me tell you just a small story. Jessie met Billy as he was just leaving another relationship – 5% she said. What does that mean, 5%? “Well, there is a five percent chance of long term success for a future together when someone is leaving one relationship and begins another right away.” Well, may we tell you that Billy set out to beat the odds. He set out to go after this lovely lady with the sparkling eyes, a smile as bright as the sun, and a sassy figure to boot.

They were two entirely different personalities. And yet, somehow, it worked. They had beaten the odds, that small 5% chance that their relationship would make it. Despite her being pretty excitable over things, and him being “calm and relaxed” about things, they balance each other. In fact, they balance pretty perfectly; and he must have a calming influence over her, because, as some times happens with weddings, (trust us, we have seen it) something goes awry with a wedding. Case in point, on the way to Vegas, somehow Billy couldn’t find the lovely set of wedding rings they purchased for the both of them. They looked everywhere, tore suitcases apart, tore the entire hotel room apart. Nothing. Nada. Nowhere, no how. So, on the day of the wedding, they ran like crazy people over to the jewelry store in the mall the minute it opened, and purchased two new sets of rings for themselves. Well, all of this crazy stress sent Jessie into a panic attack at the hotel, causing the paramedics to be called. “I thought I was dying,” she said. Can you blame her? So as Billy was getting dressed, where does he find the rings? – in his suit coat pocket as he was putting on his jacket. He found them, just where he had put them for safe keeping. Jessie’s stunning dress was created by King’s Court Gowns. We were so impressed with it as Jessie looked stunning in it.

All of our lovely decor included Jessie’s request of a mix of Native American and Indian decor: a tee pee arch adorned with eucalyptus vines, deer antlers (no animals were harmed at this wedding), and dream catchers. Florals of soft green and lavender tinted succulents, with a lovely bouquet of beautiful King Protea, hypericum berries, and fresh flowers were custom created at her request from the amazing staff at The Front Porch Flowers.

We created a tent for the couple to sit under, with flowing white muslin drapes and a Moroccan flair along with elephant dishes from around the world, turquoise accents, and pillows – lots of pillows. The ceremony was made even more lovely by incorporating guitar music played by a great friend along with beautiful personal vows written by each of them. In addition, there was a flower offering to Buddha, and a beautifully done ceremony by Angie of Peachy Keen Unions. On the dessert table was a two tier wedding cake, with a scrumptious delicate coconut flavor, and buttercream/cream cheese filling. It really is all about that buttercream! It was custom hand decorated with scrolling, and hand lettered with special words of meaning for this couple. Also served were Billy’s favorite-chocolate chip cookies as well as cheese cake pops and mini cupcakes with tiny succulents made from sugar. It came from the delightful cake artistry of Tiffany at Peridot Sweets. It was a sweet way to end what turned out to be a perfectly lovely day. Fairy tales may not always come true, but for this couple they did.

The Union


Photographer:  Cactus and Lace Weddings, LLC//Dress Designer:King’s Court Gowns//Bakery: Peridot Sweets//Floral Designer: The Front Porch Flowers & Gifts//Reception Venue:The Valley of Fire//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights