Elopement at Spring Creek: Calvin & Misty

Couple: Calvin & Misty

When you find “the one,” anything you do with them will be timeless and unique, especially your marriage. That’s why Spring Creek Prop Farm, a venue where movies are filmed and various props are rented out to film productions and theatre groups, is where these soulmates tied the knot.Their love made the most nontraditional of locations into the ideal location – a place perfect for Calvin and Misty. On March 17th, 2017, Misty snuck into a cabin built in 1821 while a member of Fotowerks distracted her groom, who was waiting by a lone church steeple in the middle of a country yard from seeing her. Once inside, the bride in her elegant lace gown and beautiful ink, waited for the moment when she would exit the cabin to the canopy of evergreens where Calvin was waiting for her. After a first look with her father, and a letter exchange with Calvin, Misty exited the cabin with her father, descending the steps of the porch to her future husband and the minister who would wed them in holy matrimony. With the setting sun crowning the couple in golden light, Misty and Calvin became husband and wife.

The Preparations

The Union


Photographer: Fotowerks Custom Photography//Other Location: Spring Creek Prop Farm//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights