Love and Sentiment: Jon & Ali

Couple: Jon & Ali

Jon and I actually met one time our sophomore year of high school, but did not start dating until our senior year when we met again at a mutual friend’s party. We both discovered we were pretty big homebodies once college began, because Jon went to Xavier University to study pre-law, and I went to the University of Cincinnati to study Fashion Design Product Development. We had the best four years (I took six years, of course) together before the real world started. I started working at my dream job at Make-A-Wish while Jon went to law school, and would not propose until he passed the bar. He surprised me the night before Thanksgiving of 2015 when I got home from work. We were able to celebrate with friends and family the entire weekend. 13 months later – we were hitched!

The style of our wedding was very classic and traditional. Jon looked so handsome in a classic tux, and I will always be in love with my lace wedding dress. One of our favorite parts were both of our venues – Holy Cross Immaculata and The Monastery. They both needed minimal decor because they were already so beautiful. The decor we did have was perfect. The cake was made by my aunt, which was delicious and stunning; and the flowers were simple and very complimentary to our style. We had personal touches that meant a lot to us for the ceremony. I carried my great-grandma’s handkerchief, that had beading from my grandma’s dress on it along with my bouquet, and Jon had a charm with a picture of his two deceased grandparents on it which was attached to the inside of his coat. We also put a charm attached to both of our grandma’s flowers during the ceremony. Each of their charms contained a picture as well – my grandma’s picture was her holding me in the hospital on the day I was born, and Jon’s was a picture of him and his grandma playing outside.

Photographer’s Note: Filled with romance and vintage modern glamour. Ali and Jon got married in the The Monastery Event Center, a beautiful historic venue in the heart of Mt. Adams near Downtown Cincinnati. It was the perfect celebration as Ali and John celebrated with their loved ones.


Photographer: Fyrefly Photography//Floral Designer: English Rose Designs//Beauty: Eye Do Hair and Makeup//DJ: Mark McFadden DJs//Caterer: The Monastery Event Center//Event Venue: The Monastery Event Center//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights