Mayan Wedding Ceremony: Sinan & Daria

Couple: Sinan & Daria

There are many ways of celebrating a wedding in an original way, one of them, and our favourite one, is the Mayan wedding ceremony in the jungle near a crystalline Cenote followed by the underwater photo session. Daria and Sinan have a very special story, she is from Ukraine and Sinan from Turkey, but they both live in Dubai where they first met some years ago while Daria was visiting her mother. Daria just finished her studies and Sinan worked in the hotel business, they travel together and dreamed about their life together in a quite place somewhere near the water.
Without any doubts, these two are completely in love; the way they look at each other and the way they talk to each other show their feelings with all sincerity. They decided to get married without having a big wedding with lots of guests, as the most important things for them were simplicity, nature, and their vows.
Mayan wedding ceremonies are a perfect way of celebrating marriage in this part of the world. They are very authentic, organic, and simply beautiful. There will always be a Shaman, flowers, nectar water and delicious incense smoke at this kind of ceremony. Daria and Sinan never stopped looking at each other during the ceremony and when the moment of the underwater photo session arrived it was so touching to see how he was holding her in his hands in part to help her to move in the water, and in part to warm her as the water in cenotes are usually pretty chilly. The light was amazing this day and the water blue and crystalline. Erik and I were thinking that we are really lucky to meet these two human beings who are so much in love and who, in addition, are great underwater models!


Photographer: Genya + Erik Shenko Photography // Design and Decor: Weddings Riviera Maya //

Submitted via Two Bright Lights