Medinah Club Multi-Cultural Wedding: Harish & Ashley

Couple: Harish & Ashley

Harish and Ashley are a fun, goofy couple that enjoy being around one another and like to have a good time. Their good sense of humor and love for one another is evident. They love to make each other laugh and enjoy going to sporting events. A shared passion for the Cubs, traveling, spending time with their families and friends; and cooking together are all great ways they have a good time.

Ashley’s and Harish’s paths first crossed in 2008. The serendipitous meeting took place at a popular college bar at Eastern Illinois University. A heated dance battle began and Harish and Ashley stepped up at the same moment to defeat their opponent. Little did they know, when they locked eyes for the first time, their fate was sealed. Harish definitely won, but their similar jovial and lighthearted personalities created an instant bond that shortly after lead to a relationship. Many silly dance battles later, the couple was ecstatic to be getting married in the months to follow.

Harish had a whole approach on how he was going to propose to Ashley. After Ashley guessed countless potential proposals, Harish decided it was time to meticulously plan his last attempt. On October 28th, 2016, he gathered 40+ photos from throughout their relationship and attached them to the bottom of balloons he scattered throughout Ashley’s apartment. He also lit candles all over and spread rose petals in the shape of a heart on the floor. After setting up a GoPro to capture it all, he waited for her knelt down on one knee to burst through the door and say YES! It’s a romantic and wonderful memory they will have forever.

Ashley and Harish had a multicultural wedding celebration! An Indian ceremony and traditional Indian dance was on a Friday at the Jain Temple followed by a Catholic ceremony at St. Michael Church and reception at the stunning Medinah Country Club the following Saturday.

The Union

The Details

The Celebration


Photographer:  WASIO Photography//Reception Venue: Medinah Country Club//Dress Store:House of Brides//Dress Store:House of Brides Couture//

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