I’ve Met My Match: Rick & Anna

Their Couple Story

His Story: After being single for some time, I decided to try Match.com. I didn’t join right away, but entered my profile in order to check it out. Most of the “matches” were horrible, so I considered dropping out of the race, or at least giving up on Match. Then Anna popped up and winked at me or liked me or something on the site. So, I decided to join and she and I began messaging back and forth. Anna appeared as a very pretty, smart, and family oriented lady. I don’t remember too much about her profile, but I remember she liked books, but not romance novels (good!). I remember her first text to me after I gave her my number. It was “Hi”. That’s it. And I said something like “I guess that’s how it starts, with ‘Hi’ to start talking.” Somehow our texts got more interesting and we both wanted to meet. I remember texting while putting up Christmas lights. Anna’s messages put a smile on my face, with whatever we talked about. After several days of texting we decided to meet for lunch at Frankie’s Italian Grill. At the time, I didn’t realize she was nervous. However, Anna did seem very uncertain. Uncertain about me? I wasn’t sure. Funny, but I guess she told me later that day that she really wanted to kiss me, so I was more reassured. It was a whirlwind after that. We still had the uncertainty whether we should introduce our kids to each other. Sometime after New Year, Anna introduced me to her kids, and later they all met mine. Instantly, the kids hit it off.

The Proposal: It seems like it was a long time coming. We had survived 2 trips together, so I [felt I] knew her, and she knew me (the worst of me) pretty well. I finally got the ring, then just needed some private time to ask her. I think my youngest daughter was sick on the night we planned to go on a date. So, instead we planned a getaway to Austin, and I planned my proposal. “Planned” may be overstating it. On the ride to Austin, Anna turned in her seat in the car to ask me “Have you ever thought about getting married?” We had never talked about it prior to her asking. I thought she was going to ask me to marry her. If she had, I would have said “yes!” I kept thinking that Anna was completely ruining my surprise! I played it off somehow, and didn’t let on (I think!). Later that evening we went out to eat (before the Doobie Bros / Journey concert), I sat next to Anna with the ring in my pocket at Monger’s Seafood. After we ordered, I asked if her if she would marry me. I know it was nothing special in the words, but I guess they worked. Anna seemed genuinely shocked. I had to drag a “yes” out of her, but I thought she would agree. We laughed about her bringing it up in the car ride, then she took a selfie of us with the ring. Saturday night we were married! I am so happy!

Her Story: Rick and I met on Match.com. After a couple of emails, we texted and decided to meet in person. We met for lunch at Frankie’s Italian Grill on December 10, 2014. We laugh now, but it was a very stiff and formal lunch. At the end Rick said “I guess we should exchange last names,” and handed me his business card. We clicked right away and a month later we introduced our kids. That was a great weekend and they liked each other immediately. May 18, 2015 we had tickets to see journey in Austin. We went to dinner before the concert and after we ordered, he came and sat by me and wanted to take a picture. After the picture, he just kept sitting there. Next thing I know, he hands me a ring. I have no recollection of what he said because I was in complete shock. Never expected it. We believe that looking at our separate lives led us to where we are. We were made for each other. I married the love of my life and I met him online!!

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