Our Favorite Story: Phil & Brittney

Couple Story: Phil & Brittney

Phil and I first met when I was 15 years old and he was 22 years old. We met through a good friend of mine at the time, and never thought that life would bring us together. We were in two different places at that time of our lives. We would only run into each other here and there for the first couple years of being introduced to one another, but then never saw each other after that. After I had graduated from high school, I took a year off to figure out what it was that I wanted to do. When I decided to head back to school and enrolled into a business course at our local college, I was walking down a hall way in the school and noticed a familiar face. Phil stopped me and we chatted for a quick time in between my classes and then went on our way. A couple weeks later I received a social media request from Phil and from there on we started to build a friendship. After this we continued to again run into each other at my place of work. Phil would constantly ask me to go out with him and his friends to try to get to know each other better, but because I was a shy person, I would turn down his offers. Phil and I ended up in separate relationships, but also turned to each other when we were going through hard times. We were able to help each other out and encourage each other that things were going to be okay, and that things were always going to work themselves out. Both of those relationships ended, and Phil and I found ourselves a few years older. Having learned from some hard life lessons, we were ready to see where things would go with each other. After going out for a couple of dates we realized how much we had in common and had the same life goals and ambitions. From our first date it was like we had been together for years and knew that this was the right decision. After only a year of dating, we were engaged in December of 2015 and couldn’t wait for the next few months to plan the wedding of our dreams. On October 8th, 2016, we finally got to say “I DO” in what was the most perfect and beautiful day filled with so much love, laughter, and memories.  While it took us some years to find each other, we would never change it for the world. Our love story will always be our favourite.


Photographer:  Lyndsay Greenwood Photography//Tuxedo and Men’s Attire: Black Knight Tuxedos//Other Location: Blindman Valley Ag Centre//Dress Store: Novia Mia Bridal//Equipment Rentals: Parkland Party & Equipment Rentals Ltd.//Equipment Rentals: Special Event Rentals//

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