An Outré Experience with Bel Fiore Bridal

Well it’s time that we let the cat out of the bag! And we’re so excited; but not as excited as a special someone who you’ll have the chance to meet very soon.

Just in case you haven’t heard, Outré Bride will be hosting our very first Brides & Beaus Wedding Expo. Yes, our very first! There will be so many things to celebrate at the expo including a wedding. A REAL wedding. It makes me smile just to think about it.

It’s phenomenal just to be able to have such an awesome event take place at our show. Still what’s even more phenomenal is that we’re able to make this moment happen for a bride who didn’t get to experience walking down the isle on her wedding day. So now, she’ll renew her vows in front of family and friends (both old and new) as she dons a beautiful gown from one of our show sponsors. Bel Fiore Bridal – the Beautiful Flower of Bridal will be sponsoring the bride’s  gown during the show. We’re so thankful to them for being a part of her special moment. We encourage any new bride to visit Bel Fiore first when making her gown selection, because, not only are the gowns beautiful, so is the customer service that you receive.

Honestly, I couldn’t say who was more excited, me or the bride as I accompanied her to find the perfect look for her ‘Big Day.’ Well, I’m sure she was more excited, but I was a close second. It truly warmed my heart to see the mixture of nervousness and excitement that she had as she strolled past rows of  soft tulle, sparkling beadwork, and stunning satins. The menagerie of opulence that surrounded us was breathtaking as we saw gown, after gown, after gown that would make any bride-to-be’s heart flutter.

Placing the brilliant orange Calla Lilly on each dress solidified that this is really happening. She is going to have her moment, where all eyes are on her and her hubby as they not only renew their vows, but also reiterate to others that love is like a beautiful flower that should be nurtured and celebrated as it grows.

Getting married? Read our feature on Bel Fiore Bridal to see why it’s the bridal salon for you. And continue reading as we keep you posted of the details leading up to the Big Day–for Monique and for us. 🙂

Be QuirkE,

Jody B. – Editor