Trendy Dallas Wedding: Abran & Alex

Couple Story: Abran & Alex

We met in middle school. My husband went to Lynn and I went to Zia. He was at Zia after school for extracurricular activities and approached me. He didn’t introduce himself. He knew I was a singer, so he said “sing ghetto superstar!” I looked at him with confusion and said “no!”

We ended up going to the same high school, Las Cruces High School, where we crossed paths again our senior year. We ended up going on our senior trip and to prom together. We parted ways when we both went to college. He stayed in Las Cruces to attend New Mexico State University, and I went to San Diego to attend Mesa Community College.

I then spent a year in New York pursuing my singing career. During my time on the east and west coast, Abran made sure to stay in contact and always made an effort to spend time with me when I would come home to visit. I eventually made my way back home to New Mexico and we became inseparable. Going on 8 years of being together this year!

The Preparations

The Union


The Celebration


Photographer:  George Street Photo & Video//Event Venue: Gather McKinney//

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