Waterfall and Beach Wreck-the-Dress: Eric & Erica

Couple: Eric & Erica

Eric and Erica are one of my all time favorite couples. They are gorgeous, SO much fun, and their families make me feel like I’m a part of theirs. Erica had mentioned wanting a day after/wreck the dress session and we had scheduled it a few times but weather and  traveling conflicts arose, but finally, the day arrived for the session! Well, even with a firm date planned, the session was cut a little short by getting lost, missing clothing items, and general “murphy’s law” for the session – except for the images. Even though we were loosing sunlight and by the time we got to the beach the sun had dipped below the horizon, thankfully for the long Michigan summers, it stayed twilight for a long time afterwards, giving us a few moments for the beach to clear out from tourists and a chance to have a few magical moments alone. – Rockhill Studio


Photographer:  Rockhill Studio//Other Location: Miner’s Falls and Beach//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights