Your Love is a Gift: Adam & Rachel

How We Met: Adam and I met 3 years ago through our mutual friend, Angie! Angie was in my dietetic internship program at Saint Louis University and Angie’s boyfriend was Adam’s roommate at the time! Angie had told both Adam and I that she thought we would be a great match–but both of us were not sure how things would work since I was living in St. Louis and Adam was living in Pennsylvania! Adam eventually got my number from Angie and we started talking and immediately hit it off! As it turns out– although we were from two totally different states– we had so much in common. It was almost too good to be true how much we had in common and how many strange connections we had– one being that Adam’s mom and I both went to Ole Miss and were in the same sorority! We talked every day for weeks and were ready to finally meet each other! We then realized that we would be in the same place at the same time a few months later– because I had a family vacation booked to Florida during my Spring break, and Adam was going to be living not far from where I was going to be vacationing, in Florida for his Spring Training. We were so excited and counting down the days until my vacation! Fast forward a few months later to when Adam and I finally got to meet in person! He picked me up on the first night of my vacation at the hotel that I was staying at with my family! We spent the night hanging out with some of Adams friends and had an absolute blast together! The next night, Adam took me on our very first date to a nice restaurant!! After that, we were pretty much inseparable for the rest of the week/ my vacation!! We have been together ever since! 🙂 My family still jokes with me about how they rarely saw me on that “family” vacation! 🙂

Our proposal: Adam proposed on my 24th birthday–and I was TOTALLY surprised! I was visiting Adam in Florida at the time (the same part of Florida where we met for the first time a few years back)! Adam told me not to worry about making any birthday plans– he had already made dinner reservations for my birthday at the same restaurant in Florida where we went on our first date! On my birthday, Adam took me to get a manicure and pedicure (one of my favorite relaxing things to do) and then we went to dinner afterwards! We had plans to go walk on the beach after dinner, but it was pouring down rain outside! I kept telling Adam that it was no big deal and that we could walk on the beach on the following day instead, but he insisted that the weather would clear up and that we would still be able to walk on the beach after dinner! Sure enough, the rain cleared up after dinner as we were driving to the beach. We parked at the hotel where I stayed when I was vacationing with my family the first time we met, got out of his truck, and held hands as we walked on this beautiful boardwalk out onto the beach. Adam had told me he wanted to take me to this particular spot on the beach because it was one of his favorite fishing spots and he wanted me to see it! The ocean view was absolutely breathtaking and there was hardly a soul on the beach since it had just been raining. Not long after we got out onto the beach, Adam turned to me and grabbed my other hand (so we were facing each other). I definitely had a “GULP” moment–I was not sure what was going on!!! Adam then started to tell me how much he has loved me since the day we first met and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me! He got down on one knee, slid a ring on my finger and asked me to marry him!! of course, I said YES and he picked me up and twirled me around! We then walked around on the beach for a little while– smiling and laughing about how he had managed to surprise me! We were SO excited– I just couldn’t wait to tell our parents the news!!! As we walked back to Adam’s truck, Adam suggested that we go inside the hotel I stayed at on my family vacation when we met for the first time, to have a celebratory drink and call our parents!! As we walked inside the hotel, Adam then informed me that he invited some of our friends to celebrate! I looked to my right and both sets of our parents were standing there, yelling CONGRATULATIONS! I was SO surprised and excited to see them there!!! Not only had our parents been in Florida without me having any clue, but Adams dad had been camouflaged in the palm trees on the beach, filming our entire engagement! I had no idea!! Adam and I celebrated with our parents for the rest of the evening– drinking champagne and dancing to live music. It was truly one of the best days of my life!


Planning Our Wedding: Planning our wedding together was an absolute blast! After setting a date, we decided to get married at Saint Louis University’s church, St. Francis Xavier College Church. Adam and I thought it was the perfect church for us! Not too big, not too small, and absolutely stunning. After checking out many reception venues, we decided to have our reception at the Saint Louis Club! It was the perfect fit for what we were looking for– traditional, spacious and beautiful. Wedding planning was definitely challenging at times– especially since we were in a long distance relationship throughout our entire engagement! But we always managed to reach a solution together. Thankfully my sister had gotten married a few years back, so my family was all too familiar with the wedding planning process! 🙂

Our Wedding Day: Our wedding day was truly a fairytale for Adam and I! Neither of us could hardly sleep the night before our big day! With our wedding being in December, we were worried about the weather–but boy did we ever luck out! The weather was gorgeous on our wedding day–there was not a cloud in the sky and the sunset was absolutely breathtaking! Our wedding day was a blast from the minute we woke up! The morning of our wedding day, my bridesmaids and mother of the bride and groom came to my suite at the Ritz and we had our hair and makeup done, in our cute little matching robes! My mom zipped up my dress and we headed to the church around 1:30 PM (the ceremony started at 2:00 PM)! Adam got ready with his groomsmen and father of the bride and groom, and headed to the church about 30 minutes before I did (we did not want to see each other before the ceremony)! One of the best parts of our wedding day was the ceremony! Our faith is a huge part of our marriage–and nothing made us happier than being able to be surrounded by our family and friends in the Lord’s presence. After the ceremony, our wedding party headed with us to Forest Park and Washington University to take pictures. We love the architecture at Washington University and the beautiful landscaping in the background of our pictures at Forest Park. While we were taking pictures, our guests were at our reception venue at the Saint Louis Club, having hor d’oeuvres and cocktails! After we were finished taking pictures, the wedding party headed to the Saint Louis Club for our reception! Adam and I got to take a peek at the Ballroom before anyone had seen it yet, and it was absolutely breathtaking! Our vendors did such an amazing job putting our dreams into a reality! The band announced the wedding party into the ballroom, Adam and I cut the cake, and we sat down and ate dinner! We listened to the best man and matron of honor speeches, had our first dance, dance with the mother of the bride, dance with the father of the bride, and danced the night away to live music with our family and friends! We had the time of our lives!


The ambiance of the wedding reception was romantic and traditional! We chose to use soft blushes and creams in our flowers and traditional gold candlesticks and candles at each table. We used large cream colored chargers as a base plate, with clear, glass gold-beaded chargers as a salad plate. Our linens were light gold and had a beautiful damask pattern! We used a traditional font for our monogram on our menu cards and on our table number cards! There were beautiful Christmas trees and decorations throughout the entire venue–including cute little gingerbread houses and train tracks running throughout. Our reception was the entire 16th floor of a building, and each room on the floor was decorated entirely different. We loved that our guests could move about during the reception, and that they were not just limited to staying in the ballroom. We had Italian cookies at each table, representing my Italian heritage and a tradition that we started at my sister’s wedding!

At the end of our wedding day, we were relieved and exhausted from all of the planning and fun we had had with our family and friends!!! We felt overwhelmed with love and felt very thankful for all of our loved ones who came to celebrate our big day with us!



Photographer:  Under Grace Photo//Makeup Artist: Beauty by Whitney//Caterer: Ritz Carlton – St. Louis//Location: Saint Louis Club//Event Venue: Saint Louis Club//Event Planner: Soiree Saint Louis//Floral Designer: the special event florist//Cinema and Video:  Tower Studios//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights