Style Story: Dreamy Boudoir Every girl gets a little nervous when doing a boudoir shoot, and that was no different with Maquel. But, it didn’t take long for this stunning beauty to gain her confidence. Credits Photographer:  Solie Designs// Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Dreamy Bridal & Honeymoon Boudoir

Style Story: An Intimate Alternative I. Love. Boudoir. There. I said it. If you know, photographing boudoir images for women is one of my (Carissa’s) favorite things to shoot. It’s empowering. Ladies celebrating ladies, ya know?? The only issue is, no one knows that I do it (and I’m pretty […]

An Intimate Alternative: Boudoir Inspiration

Style Story: Cosy Boudoir in Paris When Marine approached me to do a boudoir session, we decided to go for a casual, at-home vibe for the shoot. We did the entire session in my (tiny) Parisian apartment, and kept it minimalist and natural. ~ Elizaveta Photography Credits Photographer:  Elizaveta Photography//Model: […]

Boudoir Inspiration: Cosy in a Tiny Parisian Apartment

Style Story: Alaskan Waterfall Boudoir The model, Kayleigh is the one who put a camera in my hand in the first place. We met in Anchorage, AK where I spent my first two years working hard on building my photography career. She came to me for this session because she […]

Alaskan Waterfall Boudoir Session: Style Inspiration

Style Story: Intimate Treehouse Retreat This breathtaking styled boudoir shoot by Xsperience Photography will make you want to bask in the beautiful outdoors while being with the one you love. The playful allure of the woodsy treehouse beckons you to get cozy within its walls. It’s the ultimate inspiration for […]

An Intimate Treehouse Retreat: Boudoir Inspiration

Style Story: Bodies of Art A Steamy boudoir session between a sexy couple featuring intricate bodies of art joined together to create a gorgeous pallette of sensuality and seduction.  The backdrop of whitewashed brick walls and pristine white sheets add to the brilliance of the art captured between these two.     Credits […]

Bodies of Art: Tattoed Couple’s Boudoir Inspiration

Style Story: Smoky Boudoir This smoky boudoir session shot by Brad Quarrinton Photography puts you in the mood for a strong drink, a steamy love story, and the sweet sounds of a lovely jazz tune in the background. Credits Photography: Brad Quarrington Photography  

Smoky Black & White Boudoir Inspiration

Style Story: Sultry Pearls & Lace A surprise boudoir shoot from a soon-to-be bride to her unexpecting fiance. This sultry shoot incorporated the classic colors of crimson and midnight combined with the elegant touches of pearls and pristine white to set the mood. The result, a simple yet sexy boudoir […]

Sultry Pearls & Lace: Surprise Boudoir Shoot

Style Story: Bohemian Nights This fun, colorful, bohemian fashion styled boudoir session is sure to inspire with it’s intimate setting and vibrant, inviting colors. Credits Photographer:  Michelle Carpenter Photography//Studio Venue: LeMoi Boudoir// Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Bohemian Nights: Colorful Boudoir Inspiration

Style Story: Gentle Forest Sprite This whimsical boudoir session captured by Ariel Kaitlin Photography and styled by Simple Day tells a tale of a gentle forest sprite awaiting the arrival of her mate. Sprite, another term for fairy or elf, seems appropriate for the model who is surrounded by lush greenery […]

Gentle Forest Sprite: Boudoir Inspiration