City Scape & Cosy Coffee House: Cole & Heather

Couple: Cole & Heather

Heather and Cole met and were perfectly matched online. They feed off of the smile of the other and there is a warmth in them that radiates to those close by. Their hippie/punk/crafty style is life giving and perfectly matches their incredible personalities. They were made for this moment and their “Camping in the Woods” wedding is going to be absolute perfection! We took to the city streets on an early Sunday morning and were met with an overcast sky, decomposing brick at the local “hobo hut” and a quiet Trinity River. The colors and the wind helped create incredible portraits. Then it was time for a quick change. we gladly hopped on over to Avoca Coffee on Magnolia Ave., in the heart of Fort Worth’s Southside artsy district. We were met with warmth and perfectly crafted coffee of which foam designs are always free and fitting!


Photography: Velvet Sage Photography