Great Falls Engagement Session: Michael & Christie

Couple: Michael & Christie

I always tell my brides and grooms, “Choose a place that resonates with you. Either a place you’ve been to a billion times because you just love to go there together, maybe where he proposed, or somewhere that just makes you go, ‘Yeah! I really want photos done here.'” Choosing your engagement session location is not ONLY about how beautiful it is, because there is beauty to be found everywhere.

After some thought, Christie and Mike fell in love with the beautiful Great Falls park. We opted for the Virginia side for their golden hour engagement session. This was a double golden hour session. Seriously, Christie is so phenomenally beautiful, it’s not even funny. Toward the end of the session, as the sunset painted it’s beautiful pastel colors over the falls, I realized, “Christie! You look like a sunset!”

Okay, more about how beautiful Christie is and how much fun Mike was to have around later.

I just have to point out Mike’s incredibly sweet gift he gave to his bride-to-be, Christie. Christie loves games and so he got her a handmade wooden tic-tac-toe game. Isn’t that amazing?! Their entire engagement session was full of little surprises about them. It became quickly evident how they are both such thoughtful people.

I encouraged Christie and Mike to bring along anything they may want in the session. It’s not always a guarantee that we’ll use props in the session, but when Christie pulled out their love notes jar she made for Mike, I gushed. Mike showed a heart shaped shell they had found and kept as well, and that was the perfect ring holder if I ever did see one!

Stop what you’re doing and admire Christie’s natural beauty. Seriously. Wasn’t I right people? She looks like a sunset! I am beside myself excited to see what she looks like on her wedding day!

They’re as sweet as they are beautiful together. Naturally falling into place into each other’s arms, a comfort that only a couple truly in love can behold. I’m honored and in awe of their love and their story will be one of the most beautiful to capture on their wedding day.



Photographer:  Brittany Renee Photography LLC//Other Location: Great Falls, VA//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights