Outdoor Engagement Session in Atlanta: Joshua & Jennifer

Couple: Joshua & Jennifer

Josh and I first met in the Spring of 2011 in his apartment. He was the neighbor of my best friend. Upon meeting there was no immediate attraction, but after establishing a true friendship we became inseparable. During our friendship we enjoyed going to the movies, dining out, and hanging out at each others apartments. After a few months, Joshua received an offer to play football in Italy and I found out I was expecting. We met for lunch one day, that is where Joshua expressed that he liked me and wanted to date, unfortunately I had to tell him the news of my pregnancy. So Josh left for Italy and I had my baby girl Raegan. After returning from Italy, Joshua took a job in my hometown of Virginia, but I still lived in Atlanta. During one of my trips to Virginia visiting my family. I arrived at the airport and found out my flight was delayed almost 8 hours. To my surprise Joshua was on the same flight traveling back to Atlanta. We used those 8 hours together to reconnect and realized that we had a lot more in common than we thought. Once back in Atlanta we continued to speak and eventually took a trip to Aruba together where he asked me to finally become his girlfriend. I said yes with no hesitation, it was a long time coming and we both knew it was meant to be.

Proposal story

When we first started dating, I took Josh to one of my favorite parks in Atlanta, and expressed to him casually if I was to ever get married it would be here that I would want my dream wedding to happen. After almost two years dating on Dec 4, 2015 our anniversary Joshua took me back to that park. I was under the impression that we were there to take holiday pictures, but in fact Joshua had been planning his perfect proposal. When we arrived at the park Josh expressed that the photographer was running late, so as we waited, he surprised me and got down on one knee, and at that moment I realized what was really happening. I was so caught off guard I never noticed that all along there was a guy far away with a drone camera capturing every moment. It was everything I imagined – a very intimate proposal and somewhere special to both of us.

When & where was your first date?

Our first date as friends was at a drive in movie, but once we were officially dating Joshua took me to on an impromptu trip to Aruba.

What’s your favorite way to spend time together?

We love to sit home on the couch and watch our favorite TV shows. We also have a love for travel, we have been to almost 4 countries together.

Are there any other details you want to share?

Our engagement session was special to us because we were able to be ourselves. The photographer captured very candid pictures of us just having fun and being in love.

How did you choose your portrait location?

Our engagement location was in downtown Avondale Estates in Atlanta, GA. This city is very close to our home and we love it because it is small and quaint with a lot of character. We started at 7:00 am to capture some great shots as the sun was just coming out.

Do you have a favorite photo from your shoot?

Our favorite shot was in front of a local theater, where we had our names, wedding date, and theme on the marquee behind us.

What do you love most about each other?

Jen: I love that Josh is genuine, mature, and will do whatever it takes to make me smile.

Josh: I love that Jen is creative, nurturing, and supportive.

How is wedding planning going so far?

Wedding Planning was a little stressful, but it brought me and Joshua close. We were able spend a lot of quality time together and get to know more of each others likes and dislikes.

What is the best wedding planning advice?

The best wedding advice we received was to enjoy the moment on our wedding day; also to remember that on that day its about us, and no one else. I reminded my self of that often on the day of – when I felt myself becoming overwhelmed.

Is there any advice you would give to others?

Enjoy the process and delegate as much as possible to avoid being overwhelmed. Take one day out of the week to do no wedding stuff, but instead go on a date. On the day of the wedding, release control and let your day-of coordinator do their job.

Give us details on what kind of wedding you want?

Our wedding theme was LOVE IS IN THE AIR. We decided on this because of our reconnection in the airport and also our love for travel. We wanted our wedding to be very classic and romantic, so we chose to go black, white and gold for our wedding colors. Our flowers were orchids, hydrangeas, and roses. We had 200 guest and our budget was $30,000. In order to stay below that budget I did a lot of DIY projects. I made all of my flower arrangements the day before my wedding with my bridesmaids, and also purchased my linen and décor wholesale. Doing these small things allowed us to stay in our budget and also splurge in other areas.

What is your biggest wish for your wedding?

I hope that our wedding and pictures will inspire other couples, and that our vision comes to life through our wedding and photos.


Photographer: George Street Photo & Video // Venue: Del’avant Event Center