Sky Full of Stars: Daniel & Rebecca

Couple: Daniel & Rebecca

Photographer’s Note: When Rebecca first told me about her idea to have her engagement session end at the Lantern Fest, I was ecstatic. Enter all the dreamy “Tangled” romance moments with hundreds of Chinese lanterns as a backdrop. We started our time together with a warm, sunny, laughter-filled shoot at a local orchard. My goal was to capture the romantic chemistry and anticipation of Daniel + Rebecca’s wedding day. On a personal note, I was so excited to hear that these two are waiting until their wedding day to kiss for the first time. For photographers, this sometimes can be tricky — our “standard set” of poses goes out the window. But what I found with Daniel and Rebecca was that there was so much anticipation and passion between them…the “waiting to kiss” part only fueled my ability to capture even more authentic chemistry. This engagement session had a spectrum of interest and excitement that made it one of my favorites.


Photographer:  Ashley Wittmer Photography // Location: The Lantern Fest // Other Location: Tuttle Orchard //

Submitted via Two Bright Lights