Wyoming Sunset Engagement: Christopher & Jackie

Couple:Christopher & Jackie

They met at work.

He being the serious, slightly introverted boss and she being the loud, free spirited employee. It started as a casual friendship but Jacquelyn’s unreserved personality and gorgeous brunette locks captivated Christopher. They knew they worked well together, but it was only a matter of time before they realized they were more than just professionally compatible. You know the saying opposites attract? That couldn’t be more true for these two. After a few climbing and hiking outings under the hot Arizona sun, they knew their shared passions as well as differences aligned their hearts in harmony. Each building each other up in ways that made them stronger together.

Eventually, they decided to follow Christopher’s dream of living in “the middle of no where.” They left their jobs behind and moved to Saratoga, Wyoming. At first, Jacquelyn being a city girl, was not as fond of the idea but decided to give the “wild west” a try.

A small quiet town with no street lights and frequent cattle crossings, she soon fell in love with the magical winds of Wyoming. With untouched mountains, their new home created a blank canvas for their nature loving souls. Together they would climb, explore, and have “their mountains” to themselves. It was on one of those rugged mountain adventures, in Moab no less, that Chris would ask Jackie to be his wife.

The two will wed later this year in the open fields of their new found home with a casual, stress-free celebration that will highlight their passionate and everlasting connection. Welcoming family, friends, and of course, pets.


Photographer:  Megan Lee Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights