Spotlight on Menguin: A Perfect Fit for the Big Day

I can’t honestly say what I was doing a month or so ago when I happened to stumble upon this cool company that caught my Eye. Wait, I remember. I was swiping through numerous pictures on Pinterest, adding more images to my like tab when I saw a photo for Menguin. The name caught my attention, and I had to know what it was about. What exactly is a Menguin, and how could it possibly help on a bride and groom’s wedding day? Well, I reached out to the co-founder, Bogdan, after reading through the website and was pretty impressed and intrigued about the company. Menguin, which was originally founded in Georgia was so impressive that they were backed by Mark Cuban of Shark Tank. Why? Well simply put, no more in store fittings for the groom and his groomsmen. Just give Menguin your measurements, and get a Perfectly fitted suit delivered to your Beau for the Big Day. Take some stress out the wedding day experience with Menguin. Read more about the company that is revolutionizing how to get the perfect fit without leaving the couch. Okay, maybe the couch but not the house.

What inspired you to create Menguin, a company that offers such a unique and useful service?

-Simply put, the industry hadn’t innovated or changed in over 40 years and after my partners and I had gone through several awful experiences renting tuxedos from stores – we realized there had to be another way! We looked around the industry and sure enough there wasn’t any other alternative to the awful brick and mortar store process, so we decided to build our own! Enter Menguin! We knew we wanted great fit, designer brands, and world class customer service coupled with ease of use and simplicity – basically everything that was lacking in the industry.

What do you think it is about your product/service that made the investor from Shark Tank decide to back your company?

-I think Mark Cuban most liked the fact that we were offering a new take on a timeless tradition. We were eliminating inefficient processes, awful styling and most importantly introducing technology (fit algorithm) to the problem. All things he loved.

Do you carry any designer labels? If so which ones?

-We sure do! We carry Michael Kors, Calving Klein, Ralph Lauren and Tony Bowls.

Do you plan on expanding Menguin to carry additional products or suit accessories besides what you already offer?

-This is something we’ve seriously thought about and debated over and in 2017 we’re going to look to further take the industry by storm with some very unique, new items. Stay tuned!

Why should a groom (or his bride) decide to use Menguin for their wedding day?

Simply put, if a groom/bride wants any of the following solutions:
-a way to track and manage out of town groomsmen
-get their tuxes a week earlier than the stores
-get fit online without ever leaving their home
-save endangered penguins with their rentals (
-get 24/7 customer service and free replacements should they need them
Then Menguin is absolutely the best option for them!
Well, if you haven’t spread the word, now you can. Menguin is taking the fuss out of getting your Mr. Right into the right suit. Have you or someone you know recently gotten married in a Menguin suit? If so, send us some pics. We’d love to see how breathtakingly handsome he looked on his special day. Submit your photos to Outre Bride today.
Be QuirkE,
Jody – Editor