Open Letter Submissions

Even though we’re all about being QuirkE, we’re all about a good love letter once in a while. Every year leading up to Valentine’s Day, we encourage our readers to write an open love letter to their sweethearts. We want to share the love as much as possible, and we want to find unique ways of doing that. So, if you’re ready to let the world and your special someone know how you feel about him or her then submit your letter today. Maybe you’re in search of a different way to propose to Bae, well here’s your opportunity to do so in writing.

All letters will go live on 2/14 at 4:55 A.M. EST but it’ll be our little secret until then. Submit your letter using the form below, and we’ll have it ready for you on Valentine’s Day. And here’s some extra motivation for ya. Submissions from the Atlanta area will be placed in a drawing to win a pop-up wedding at our next Brides & Beaus Wedding Expo which will take place at Monday Night Garage. Full details will be available when the lucky couple is selected. To enter your letter in the drawing, just include #MondayNight in the from field. We can’t wait to read the outpouring of love!





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