Intimate Hard Rock Hotel Wedding: Robert & Sara

Couple: Robert & Sara

Sara and I met on Thumbtack, it sounds like the beginning to a dating story… but no; she posted a request for a Photographer for a Monday wedding. I thought, Monday – that’s new- sounds great! Sara and I messaged back and forth for a few weeks, I learned she was getting married at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando, Florida. She would be traveling with her Fiancé and two children. Even through e-mail, we just clicked. I knew I had to be her photographer and capture her special day. There were a few delays in communication due to different time zones, but we managed to plan it all out. Her wedding coordinator and the Hard Rock reached out for confirmations (and all the business stuff), they were so awesome to work with btw. They flew into Orlando from Scotland a few days prior to the wedding to enjoy the 80+ F degree weather and Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure.

So the wedding day arrived… unfortunately, I forgot to ask  how do I know who I’m looking for (this happens to me a lot). We planned to meet in the lobby, I stood there with the shiny tile floor displaying the Hard Rock logo, camera in hand, and aimlessly trying to make eye contact with every stranger that passed. “Is that Sara? Is that Robert? Could those be the kids” I asked. Soon, I found standing next to me was the wedding coordinator, together we waited. Finally it was them; the couple – Sara,Robert and the kids. She was dressed in a sexy little black dress with killer heals decorated in colorful drawings and a shiny zipper like embellishment. Her hair was edgy, not over done but completed the outfit. Robert was dressed in a handsome suit, and a vest that completed the look. The kids coordinated oh so well. We immediately began to chat. The officiant introduced himself and reviewed the plans. We had time before the wedding so it provided time for photos.

Sara,Robert, their kids, and I went outside to find some great shady spots. Orlando heat can be rough and I didn’t want them to be a mess before the wedding. We started on the balcony of the hotel, traveled downstairs to their patio restaurant, out towards the fountain by the pool, and back inside. 20 minutes provided this family plenty of time for photos. The connection between Sara and Robert (who have been together for 10+ years) was evident. They couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. Sara’s laugh and great personality was contagious. I challenged them many times to not laugh, it brought even more laughter and even better pictures.

The ceremony was wonderful. We all ventured outside to the Hard Rock Guitar fountain. Robert took his place and waited for his bride to arrive. The ceremony was classic and tailored perfectly. They incorporated the kids in the ceremony, each delivering the rings. Once the “I do’s” were exchanged, they kissed, they hugged, and Sara said “YOU’RE Married” and broke out with the biggest laugh pointing to Robert. We took pictures by the fountain and ventured inside to cool down. The family traveled outside to the grounds and butterfly garden for more photos. Once it was time we returned inside to the reception. They had the Velvet lounge all to themselves. Walking down the marble steps into the lounge, we found it filled with stone statues, glass encased memorabilia , velvet chairs, leather chairs, and leopard carpet covering floor of the room. Appetizers and refreshments awaited their arrival. The cake which was black with silver doves and roses was placed atop a baby grand piano.

For the next few hours they relaxed, celebrated, and enjoyed their new status! Sara + Robert are wed. ~




Photographer:  Mary Fosky Photography //Reception Venue: Hard Rock Hotel//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights