Spotlight on Hazel Events Design: An Eye for Detail

Hazel Events Design

So I had the pleasure of meeting the sweetest and equally talented husband and wife design team a few weeks ago. I knew I had to Spotlight them on the site after seeing their showroom display. If you haven’t figured it out by now, Outré Bride is all about the unique, quirky wedding experience. And after seeing the breathtakingly beautiful designs of Michelle “Hazel” Farley and her husband, I knew they fit the bill for quirky elegance.

Of course that’s not all they’re about. They can definitely meet the needs of our tamer Outré Brides out there. But if you’re ready to kick it up a notch, Hazel Events Design can do just that for you during your wonderful yet sometimes hectic wedding planning experience. Just one conversation will let you know that your wedding day will go great because you have a planner who is ready to take on your day with the love and care that she would give her own. But hey, don’t just take my word for it; read on for yourself to see how Michelle of Hazel Events Design will keep her eyes on every wedding/event detail.

How long have you been designing/planning weddings?

I have been designing weddings since 2014.

What inspired you to become a wedding/event planner?

When I was 11, I told my mother I wanted to be a wedding planner and she informed me that [planning weddings] doesn’t pay the bills. I went to college and started a rewarding career in the medical field. In 2013, I began to plan my own wedding and the spark came back. My husband gave me the confidence and the support to open my own business.

Where are you located and are you willing to travel?

We are located in the Metro Atlanta area. We travel throughout Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama.

What would you say makes your company unique–how does it stand out from the rest?

Hearing the couple’s vision and making it a memory that will last forever. Our unique designs, friendly staff, and professionalism makes us different from the competition.

What’s the most unique wedding/event that you’ve had to plan?

A vegetarian bridal shower. All the décor and centerpieces were made with real vegetables and fruits. The bride loved it and took all the produce home with her.

Do you have quick tips for couples who are searching for a wedding planner?

Pick a date, create a budget, and the wedding planner will assist you in all other details of your big day.

What can your clients expect when they hire your company to plan their big day?

Family oriented planning service that will be with you day and night. When the florist can’t find your flowers, to one of the bridesmaids dropping out of wedding, to a disagreement with your mother about the invitations, we are a call away.

How can prospective clients contact Hazel Events Design for a consultation?

Couples can book our services via email at or call Michelle “Hazel” Farley at 615-423-5281.

Take a look at Hazel Events Design’s Display. It’s just a taste of what they can do on your special day.